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    Drug Rehab

    The Emil Center Clinic staff are experts in detoxification and rehabilitation of drug and alcohol addicts. Every person who contacts us goes through an initial phase: Reception, Interview and Impression. If the person is in line with our therapeutic framework, he moves on to the second stage, which is Diagnosis and Acceptance.

    The diagnosis is carried out by the Clinic’s medical staff, to determine the physical condition of a patient. According to the diagnostic findings, the patient starts receiving medication, according to the doctor’s recommendations. During the first period of the patient’s treatment at the Clinic, he undergoes a process of physical rehab – Detoxification.

    Detoxification at our Clinic is done through a complete cessation of taking any addictive substance. In some cases, there is a unique method of gradually decreasing the use of a drug, until the body no longer depends on it. This procedure is used in cases where the patient used certain narcotic substances, and is performed after diagnosis by the Clinic doctor and according to his recommendation only.

    It is very important to understand that a complete and immediate cessation of taking drugs or any addictive substance can lead to acute withdrawal symptoms. These symptoms may be physical (pain, vomiting, diarrhea, sleep deprivation, abdominal pain, sweating, accelerated heart rate and more) and/or mental, and usually these symptoms appear together. The duration of detox is relatively fast – between a few days and a few weeks, but as far as rehabilitation is concerned, the process can continue beyond a year.

    Steps in drug detox and rehabilitation process:

    • Contacting Emil Center and making an appointment.
    • Reception interview and impression.
    • Admission to the Clinic.
    • Physical status, diagnosis by medical staff.
    • Drug detoxification process.
    • Psychological state diagnosis.
    • Rehabilitation.

    After the patient has completed the physical detox phase, he begins a psychological/mental rehabilitation process. Here, too, the patient undergoes testing and diagnosis by the medical staff as well as the psychological staff of the institute. This diagnosis allows us to understand what is the most effective method and what is the most effective overall treatment our team can provide. Rehabilitation is done through therapeutic groups, psychodrama, art therapy, yoga, personal conversations with a doctor-narcologist, personal sessions with a clinical social worker and on-going support.

    It is important to note that the conditions of admission to the residential program at Emil Center are of a high standard.

    A detox and rehab process is a challenging process that requires time and a desire to recover from addiction, at the end of which the patient begins a clean life, in better physical health and without the use of drugs and alcohol. The chances of success are slim, if you try to deal with detox and rehab at home, and it is of real importance to contact the help and treatment centers of professional people. As mentioned, the professional and effective support and treatment you can get from us at the Clinic, which operates under the combined license of the Israeli Ministry of Health and Ministry of Social Affairs and Social Services and is under the supervision of the National Drug and Alcohol Authority.

    Drug rehab is not a simple process. Countless people are addicted to drugs, alcohol or medication, and sometimes to all three together. But, with all the difficulty, there are institutions and clinics for addressing the problem and bringing the addict back to a normative life, dealing with a reality he has long forgotten how to deal with. There is hope, but it is important to identify the problem as soon as possible. In most cases, identifying the problem in time can save the addict’s life.

    How do we identify if the person closest to us is in distress?

    First and foremost, it should be understood that all addictions have similar characteristics that can be used as a red flag and draw our attention to the distress in which the person is found. Mostly, addiction stems from one of three reasons: One, is that what started as a glass of beer, whiskey, or a Joint, for some fleeting moments of pleasure, evolved into mental and physical dependence. The second, is when a person is in a shaky state of mind uses external aids to deal with a challenging situation. The third, is people who have been receiving high-dose drug treatment and have become addicted to the same drugs and developed dependence on them.

    The following, are a few symptoms indicating there may be a problem of addiction:

    • The addicted person will be caught time and again in lies, not just to their environment, but mainly lying to themselves.
    • Extreme mood changes – moving from a calm and relaxed state to an addict’s irritation for a moment is a bright red warning light.
    • Seclusion, isolation and denial are prominent features of addiction. A person who is addicted will usually hurt those around him without noticing, until he is left all alone with the addiction.
    • Extreme weight changes, neglect of one’s external appearance, aesthetics and body odor.
    • In addictions, especially with drugs, external markers on the body, such as stabbing of needles, can also be identified.

    So, detoxing from drugs, alcohol, or any other addictive substance requires vigilance from the environment and identifying the problem, preferably as soon as possible. It should be taken into account that the addicted person will often deny his condition and should be treated with the necessary understanding and sensitivity, that most of his behavior is due to an illness (addiction) and not a behaviour personally against you.

    The Emil Center – Detox and Rehabilitation Clinic offers advanced rehab programs by an experienced team, with years of success in rehabilitating addicts in all types of addictions. Drug, or any other, addiction rehabilitation is our specialty. Help us restore a normal and even good life to your loved ones.

    Detoxing minor drugs sounds like a minor thing. After all, what are “light” drugs? Alcohol, marijuana? Well, Not really!!! How were we told in the army? “Do you first start sprinting and slowly increase your pace?” This is the case even when it comes to light drugs. We don’t have a road sign (at least not at first) that tells us, “Wake up, you’re skiing down a steep slope!”. In many cases, the momentary pleasure of the “joint” or the glass of beer turns addictive, something that without professional help can deteriorate into a very difficult situation to get out of … But, (and that’s important!) needless to say, there is light at the end of the tunnel.

    Easy drug rehab – blurred boundaries

    Who determines what drugs are “light” and what is “heavy”? As a matter of principle, popular opinion says that minor drugs are ones that create few mental and physical dependencies. We are not martyrs and you will not see us nodding our heads in disapproval about a small attempt at examining boundaries, as long as it is within the boundary of good taste. At the same time, we caution and say, it might soon become a habit, without you being aware of it.

    It’s hard to pinpoint which drugs that are “heavier” than others and in many cases, there are many differences of opinion. For example, many people think alcohol is a trivial thing. After all, what is a glass here and there? But many studies state that alcohol is one of the most addictive drugs its detox process is one of the most difficult. It should also be taken into account that even if these are mild drug withdrawals, it should be taken into account that addiction to them may soon develop into more severe drug use, such as heroin and cocaine.

    The thin line that separates “light” drugs from “heavy” drugs is usually reflected in its impact on the user’s daily functioning. Any kind of addiction that comes at the expense of a person’s social and family life, makes no difference between “light” and “heavy” drugs.

    Any type of addiction requires professional help. The Emil Center – Detox and Rehabilitation Clinic helps addicts overcome their addiction with maximum sensitivity and support. You are invited to contact our experts for guidance on how to create a new, healthier and higher quality of life. We never say desperate.

    Drug rehab is a complex and challenging process, but it is always important to remember that it is possible. Of course, everyone makes their own choices, but in many cases, the person making the choice is unaware that he is going down a slippery slope. Addictions are divided into many types: alcohol, mild and heavy drugs, prescription and analgesic drugs, gambling, sex and more. Even a common phenomenon among the younger generation is addiction to computer games and cellular phones. In all cases, it is about operating the brain strengthening system. The same set of neural pathways that create a simulated sense of pleasure, that the brain interprets as positive stimuli. From this, the system “embraces” the sense of pleasure and is motivated to go back and consume the same drug or behavior.

    Most often, drugs will affect both the body and the mind over time. As opposed to gambling addiction for that matter, a drug addiction that contains chemicals will also directly affect the addict’s physical condition. This can be reflected in extreme weight changes, neglect of one’s external appearance, aesthetics and body odor.

    With over 12 years of experience, a professional team and a pleasant and collaborative atmosphere The Emil Center – Detox and Rehabilitation Clinic offers the best and most innovative methods to help addicts return to a normative and healthy life. Do not hesitate to contact us, whether it is you who requires help, or someone close to you. Together we will succeed in overcoming the addiction.

    If you suffer from severe or mild drug addiction,

    If your consumption is out of control,

    If a close person suffers from drug abuse, we have a solution !!!

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    Book your stay now at Emil's Recovery Village and embark on the path to healing.

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