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    Yoga Therapy

    Yoga therapy, which we use for working with addicts, is essentially a mix of ancient yoga, modern biochemistry and bodily-oriented psychology.

    Regular yoga (in our case this is a yoga-based therapy) normalizes the work of the brain’s contentment system, restoring those functions that were broken as a result of using drugs or alcohol. In particular, with the help of these exercises, we create conditions for increasing the level of dopamine and other important elements produced by the human brain.

    Practice is also full of exercises requiring physical effort, alternating with relaxation and static positions. A lot of breathing techniques and exercises for concentration and attention develop the person’s awareness and contact with oneself and one’s own body, strengthening the skill of delayed gratification. In addition, the external framework created by practice increases the level of self-discipline. Breathing exercises accelerate the natural processes of purification, balance out the emotional background and fill the body with energy.

    The first sensation is the emotional uplift and inner peace. Practicing regularly, we return the system of satisfaction to lost functions.

    In other words, yoga or therapy based on it, returns the lost joy of life and teaches you not to suffer.

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      FAQ - Emil Center Rehabilitation Clinic

      Does the Emil Center Clinic have a proper license to operate?

      The Emil Center Clinic operates under a combined license from the Ministry of Health and the Ministry of Social Services and Welfare (license number 16/7/11). The combined license allows for physical detoxification treatment along with psychosocial rehabilitation from drug, alcohol or prescription drug addiction.

      Is it permissible to visit patients while they are at the Clinic?

      Relatives are allowed to visit patients staying at the Emil Center Clinic for an extended period. Visits are only once a week on Tuesdays from 2:00 pm to 5:00 pm or on Saturdays from 1:00 pm to 5:00 pm. In any case, visits are made in agreement with the therapeutic staff.

      How long does the treatment last?

      The minimum period for treatment at the Emil Center is one month (30 days). We are prepared to receive a patient for any period, ranging from one month to six months (maximum period for treatment). Each patient has a personalized treatment plan, tailored by the therapeutic team. Considerations are taken into account in the construction of the individualized treatment program, such as: the patient’s medical condition, progress, the change that has taken place, his willingness to deal with reality and other aspects.

      Can the patient go on a home visit, medical tests, etc. during treatment?

      Once a patient enters a therapeutic process at the Emil Center, he is not allowed to leave the place without the escort of one of the staff members. Departing from the institute is only made in cases of medical tests (if necessary) or legal matters (court hearing, meeting with probation officer). Home visits are made possible after a certain period of time in treatment and in accordance with the decision of the therapeutic team.

      Is the treatment at the clinic anonymous?

      The treatment at the Emil Center Clinic is carried out with complete anonymity and discretion. The patient’s name will not appear in any system, such as the Ministry of Health, Welfare, etc.

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