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      If you are reading these lines, it means that you wish well for yourself, because you came to a difficult conclusion – “It’s impossible to go on like this!” Perhaps you have already read the websites of many centers for the treatment of alcohol and drug addiction. It’s very difficult to make a choice – they all look good. Everyone promises a quick and full recovery.

      At the international Emil Center for Detoxification and Rehabilitation in Israel we help people, who suffer from addiction, return to a healthy life, free of drugs or alcohol – work, learn, start a family and just be good, helpful, loving and supportive people. The main basis for rehabilitation is a deep, ongoing psycho-social cognitive therapy, based on effective psychotherapy methods, without the use of psychiatric drugs or drug substitutes.

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      Emil Hi,

      I am grateful to you for allowing me to see life in a different way, your rich experience has given me the confidence to take a proper step in life. In retrospect, I understand how my life was completely destroyed, how everything positive I had became utter destruction and unbearable pain; how I got all my relatives and friends to refuse to be in touch with me.

      Y. L., Drug and Alcohol Addict, 44 years old

      Detoxification from alcohol and drugs

      To the rehab center staff,

      What words can I say, when I get my son back, clean from drugs, when I brought him to your Center on the verge of death!!! There are not enough words that can express my thanks.

      A. B., mother of a drug addict

      Drug Rehab

      Emil what’s up man?!! Listen, I’m so glad, my brother, that I got to know you. Your saying – there is nothing, but there is – Amen, accompanies me everywhere. It is something that has changed my perception very significantly.

      L. S., addicted to drugs, 19 years old

      Drug Rehab

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      Emil Center - Detox and Rehab

      We are here for your peace of mind Leave details and we will start in a new way

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        Prescription Drugs Rehab

        There are several types of prescription drugs, which can be addictive. These are drugs that have an effect on the nervous system, and their use is accompanied by side effects that may appear in different systems. Sometimes, the patient has no escape from regular use of this type of drug, at least for a certain period of his life. After a prolonged period in which the patient needs this type of drug, when it is decided for some reason to discontinue it, he will have to undergo a process of withdrawal from the drug. That is, after their period of use, the body develops a dependence on them to achieve balance, and when there is no longer any need, the body has sometimes difficulty to get rid of the dependence. The rehab process of addictive prescription drugs of the type mentioned earlier should be done slowly and gradually, as it is accompanied by many difficulties. The procedure should be supervised by the attending physician (usually a psychiatrist), who should determine how to reduce the use of the drug for some time, and when to lower the dose again until the drug is completely ceased. This process should be carried out in a controlled and planned manner, taking into account the side effects caused by it. It is a long and complicated process, during which the body is supposed to reach a new balance, after the last traces of the drug have been “removed” from the body.

        Alcohol Rehab

        The Emil Center Detoxification and Rehabilitation Clinic in Israel provides patients with an anonymous and unique framework for addressing the problem of alcohol addiction. The rehab process is carried out by professionals with extensive experience and broad knowledge of the subject. Our clinic combines physical rehab with mental rehabilitation. The team is multidisciplinary and includes professionals in the field of Narcology, clinical and social fields. This variety of specialties allows for a more accurate professional response for every person in need of help.

        Drug Rehab

        The Emil Center Clinic staff are experts in detoxification and rehabilitation of drug addicts. The diagnosis is carried out by the Clinic’s medical staff, to determine the physical condition of a patient. According to the diagnostic findings, the patient starts receiving medication, according to the doctor’s recommendations. During the first period of the patient’s treatment at the Clinic, he undergoes a process of physical rehab – Detoxification. It is very important to understand that a complete and immediate cessation of taking drugs or any addictive substance can lead to acute withdrawal symptoms. These symptoms may be physical (pain, vomiting, diarrhea, sleep deprivation, abdominal pain, sweating, accelerated heart rate and more) and/or mental, and usually these symptoms appear together. The duration of detox is relatively fast – between a few days and a few weeks, but as far as rehabilitation is concerned, the process can continue beyond a year.

        Withdrawal Syndrome

        “Withdrawal Syndrome” is a condition that occurs when the addicted person does not receive his or her drug dose or when trying to go through detoxification from the drug he consumed – it is a set of symptoms occurring in discontinuation or dosage reduction of drugs, alcohol or some types of medications. The character and severity of the symptoms depending upon the particular drug and the daily dose. This is because each drug acts on a different physiological mechanism, and there is also an individual effect of drug withdrawal on the person who consumed it.

        What does the Residential Program include?

        When we say “Residential” rehabilitation, we mean that the patient is with us 24 hours a day, 7 days a week. Patients reside at our Clinic for the duration of their treatment program, which may be short-term (30 days) or long-term (up to 6 months). During the rehabilitation process at our clinic, patients are given the opportunity to go on home visits according to the recommendations of the professional staff.

        Withdrawal Syndrome - state of withdrawal

        When the person is in a state of withdrawal, his body signals to him that he needs the drug dose. Without the drug dose, the addict’s physical condition is extremely difficult, but once he receives the drug, the negative signs and severe physical phenomena will disappear. Many times, the appearance of the withdrawal syndrome results in an extremely difficult state of mind expressed by violence and unnatural behavior. Sometimes the addict is so desperately in need of a drug dose that he reaches a state where he performs “survival” actions to get the drug – steals, acts violently and more.

        Residential Program

        An addict who is admitted to the institute receives all the support and treatment needed to undergo a highly effective process, including tests by a doctor-narcologist, close supervision of the detoxification and rehabilitation process and withdrawal syndrome, psychological-clinical therapy, treatment groups, individual therapy, psycho-drama, Yoga Therapy and close social worker guidance that takes care of all patients’ needs outside and within the therapeutic setting. Physical rehabilitation includes 3 full and nutritious meals a day, rich in vitamins and minerals essential for body rehabilitation, sleeping in spacious, comfortable rooms equipped with air conditioning, a library, a TV room, a games room, the sea and more.

        FAQ - Emil Center Rehabilitation Clinic

        Does the Emil Center Clinic have a proper license to operate?

        The Emil Center Clinic operates under a combined license from the Ministry of Health and the Ministry of Social Services and Welfare (license number 16/7/11). The combined license allows for physical detoxification treatment along with psychosocial rehabilitation from drug, alcohol or prescription drug addiction.

        Is it permissible to visit patients while they are at the Clinic?

        Relatives are allowed to visit patients staying at the Emil Center Clinic for an extended period. Visits are only once a week on Tuesdays from 2:00 pm to 5:00 pm or on Saturdays from 1:00 pm to 5:00 pm. In any case, visits are made in agreement with the therapeutic staff.

        How long does the treatment last?

        The minimum period for treatment at the Emil Center is one month (30 days). We are prepared to receive a patient for any period, ranging from one month to six months (maximum period for treatment). Each patient has a personalized treatment plan, tailored by the therapeutic team. Considerations are taken into account in the construction of the individualized treatment program, such as: the patient’s medical condition, progress, the change that has taken place, his willingness to deal with reality and other aspects.

        Can the patient go on a home visit, medical tests, etc. during treatment?

        Once a patient enters a therapeutic process at the Emil Center, he is not allowed to leave the place without the escort of one of the staff members. Departing from the institute is only made in cases of medical tests (if necessary) or legal matters (court hearing, meeting with probation officer). Home visits are made possible after a certain period of time in treatment and in accordance with the decision of the therapeutic team.

        Is the treatment at the clinic anonymous?

        The treatment at the Emil Center Clinic is carried out with complete anonymity and discretion. The patient’s name will not appear in any system, such as the Ministry of Health, Welfare, etc.

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