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Book your stay now at Emil's Recovery Village and embark on the path to healing.

    About Us

    Emil’s Recovery Village draws inspiration from Emil’s (founder) transformative journey through and beyond addiction. With a mission to translate his theories into practical solutions for those experiencing addiction symptoms, Emil has witnessed remarkable results. Through the application of modern approaches such as Logotherapy, Experiential therapy, well-being practices, mindfulness, and Equine therapy, he has validated his belief that it’s possible to permanently break the cycle of addiction without relying on the traditional 12-step method.

    In Emil’s Recovery Village, we assist individuals struggling with addictions to return to healthy and substance-free lives. We teach them to live without relying on substances, alcohol, prescription drugs, or addictive behaviors. Our primary approach is deep and continuous cognitive-social psychotherapy, based on innovative and effective psychotherapeutic methods, without the use of psychiatric medications or any substitute substances.

    We view substance or alcohol use not only as an addiction but also as a destructive lifestyle, leading to the loss of friends, family, health, and fundamental human principles.

    In our treatment program, residents focus extensively on changing their familiar and destructive lifestyles. For some, it means returning to the healthy principles they followed before addiction, while for others, it involves acquiring an entirely new way of life for the first time in their lives.

    Over time, Emil’s Recovery Village has cultivated a community that carefully upholds its house rules. These rules serve as a guarantee for effective treatment within the village and the success of this treatment. The rules are designed to benefit not only the residents but also the staff, fostering a unique and mutually trusting working atmosphere. These aspects enable collaborative and empowering work between residents and the village staff.

    Every individual who comes to us for treatment receives assistance from a highly professional team, including clinical social workers, psycho-educational counselors, and certified therapists. Our therapeutic-educational team operates as a cohesive unit, providing guidance and training integrated into a unique treatment approach focused on discovering meaning in life and strengthening hope. Treatment involves methods such as psychodrama groups, yoga therapy, mindfulness, equine therapy, poetry therapy, meditation, and emotion-focused groups, where each resident shares personal experiences and receives mutual support from group members.

    As the team in the village, we don’t “hold power” over any resident. One of the significant goals of our rehabilitation is for the resident to contemplate the question: “Who am I?” We help the resident see their life from an external perspective and assist them in examining various components of their life. We help them feel and experience their lives with open eyes and a clear mind so that they truly understand their current way of life and why a profound change is required.

    The results of treatment at Emil’s Recovery Village demonstrate that active addiction can be healed. With years of accumulated experience, the highly professional team at the village has gained tremendous expertise in treating individuals struggling with addictions. Our recovery village constantly broadens its horizons and professional knowledge, being the first to adopt new and effective treatment methods.

    The graduates and mentors who have successfully completed treatment at the village now lead happy lives without using substances, alcohol, unnecessary medications, or addictive behaviors. They serve as the best living examples!

    Want more information? Leave us your details, and we’ll get back to you with all the information you need.

    Book your stay now at Emil's Recovery Village and embark on the path to healing.

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