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    Psychodrama for addicts

    At the Israeli clinic “Emil Center”, a complex treatment of alcohol and drug addiction is conducted. One of the effective methods of treatment and rehabilitation of alcoholics and drug addicts is psychodrama, an important aspect of psychotherapy. The specialists of our clinic understand that dependence is a disease that affects both the physical and psychological state of a person and that is why both the mind and the body of our patients are treated equally.

    This method of psychotherapy was developed by Jacob Moreno and is intended for group therapy. It should be noted that psychodrama is the first method of group psychotherapy designed to study personal problems, dreams, fears and fantasies. It is based on the assumption that the study of feelings, the formation of new relationships and patterns of behavior are more effective when using actions that are really close to life. The intensity of experiences is enhanced by the use of a variety of psychodrama techniques that facilitate the expression of sensations and emotions. Psychodrama is in essence a kind of dramatic art that reflects the real problems of the alcoholic / drug addict, rather than creating imaginary scenic images.

    Psychodrama – Self-knowledge + Education of Positive Motivation

    Our clinic was one of the first to use the psychodrama method as an element of psycho-therapeutic treatment of alcoholism and drug addiction. Sessions are conducted by experienced instructors of psychodrama – highly qualified specialists in the treatment of psychological dependencies. In the treatment process, a tool of dramatic improvisation is used, which serves to develop the creative potential of a person, to study his inner world and to reveal opportunities – for a more appropriate relationship with himself others.

    The therapeutic process, accompanied by sessions, can last for several weeks or months, depending on the goals of therapy and the task at hand. A participant who, in the course of psychodrama, is working on a personal problem, is called a protagonist. To help himself, he can choose a few people from the group, while the rest are spectators. The process of studying from the outside resembles a theatrical action, but in reality, the participants “play life” – in all its manifestations. The theme of each production will depend on the current themes of the protagonist and the activity can last 0.5-1.5 hours.

    Usually, an addicted person (to drugs or alcohol or gambling), without realizing it, tries to justify his actions and actively convince himself of their accuracy. Psychodrama helps to simulate and live anew life situations, realize the impact of addiction and try to form new courses of behavior. Psychodrama refers to the direction of treatment called art therapy, it allows you to analyze the past and recognize phobias, ulterior motives and cravings. The technique is aimed at extracting a substantial emotional experience. This is achieved by re-enacting a particular situation, gaining experience of interaction with other people, and also through self-understanding.

    Re-enacting a situation from his life during a psychodrama session, the patient experiences real feelings and together with the therapist he successfully resolves the problems arising during the presentation, getting experience that can then be used in real life. Psychodrama is actively used in the complex therapy and rehabilitation of people with drug and alcohol dependence. The method helps them to find the strength and motivation to overcome the problem and to prepare for the realities of the world in which they live without resorting to the use of narcotic substances.

    Effective methods of psychotherapy are successfully applied by specialists of the clinic “Emil Center”. Here, patients are always surrounded by the attention and care of experienced doctors, therapists and individual instructors, and their professionalism and individual approach to the treatment of drug addiction and alcoholism give stable and positive results.

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