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    Bio-psycho-social Approach

    Any treatment of dependence is accompanied by a huge number of myths. To date, in Israel and around the world, thousands of narcological clinics offer complete relief from drug addiction and alcoholism in the shortest time and without much effort. These clinics claim that they know “magic techniques” and “miracle drugs”, which instantly allow a person to be saved from any dependence.

    However, the reality is that getting rid of an addiction, whether drugs or alcohol, is impossible in one day. All these promises are a normal advertising move. Treatment of any kind of addiction is a complex and lengthy process, requiring great desire and great effort from the patient himself. The patient’s personality, as well as features of his physical health and his dependence, are an important component of successful treatment. In the treatment of dependence there is not, and cannot be, an only cure for all patients. Each individual case is unique in its own way, and requires a personal approach.

    Individual approach to each patient is the way to healing!

    The Emil Center Detox and Rehabilitation Clinic in Israel has long and successfully practiced the treatment of various addictions. At the heart of the treatment is a deep physiological and psychosomatic analysis of the patient’s condition. Each treatment in our clinic begins with a full physical examination, which allows to establish the individual characteristics of the patient’s body.

    Another, no less important, component of successful treatment is the clarification of the cause of the dependence. After all, if you do not know the true cause of the disease, it cannot be defeated!

    Based on the information obtained as a result of the analysis, our specialists develop an individual treatment program suitable for the individual patient. In our work we use only those methods that have proven their high efficiency in practice. The analysis of the patient’s condition is carried out throughout the course of rehabilitation.

    Every day our patients meet with specialists of the clinic: counselors, therapists, doctor-narcologist. A personal approach to each patient is the most effective solution in the rehabilitation of addicted people.

    We know for sure that in modern medicine there is no one universal way of getting rid of addiction; at the same time, we affirm that any dependence can be overcome, and we know how!

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