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    Privacy and Discretion

    The “Emil Center” Detox and Rehab Clinic is a private institution in Israel, for the treatment of addictions. The Institution provides a wide range of services in the field of detoxification and rehabilitation for people suffering from addictions to drugs, alcohol and addictive prescription medication.

    Treatment while maintaining Discretion

    The clinic allows the patient to be treated with complete discretion. Treatment, while maintaining privacy and discretion, allows anyone to come and get help without the involvement and knowledge of outside factors. However, it is very important to note that the clinic operates under the combined license of the Israeli Ministry of Health and Ministry of Social Affairs and Social Services.

    There are many cases in which a person applying for treatment would prefer to protect his privacy and not report to the authorities about the existence of a problem with the use of addictive substances. The possibility of receiving treatment, while protecting their privacy, allows a person to avoid any future injury to their professional career, renewal of a driver’s license and other restrictions and prohibitions.

    The Emil Center Detoxification and Rehabilitation Clinic is the perfect solution to the problem of the use of addictive substances and enables our patients to return to normal life, with full respect for all the components that accompany the recovery process: the mental, physical and cognitive state, and without staining any records, that could affect their future.

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