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    FAQ – Emil Center Rehabilitation Clinic

    Does the Emil Center Clinic have a proper license to operate?

    The Emil Center Clinic operates under a combined license from the Ministry of Health and the Ministry of Social Services and Welfare (license number 16/7/11). The combined license allows for physical detoxification treatment along with psychosocial rehabilitation from drug, alcohol or prescription drug addiction.

    Is it permissible to visit patients while they are at the Clinic?

    Relatives are allowed to visit patients staying at the Emil Center Clinic for an extended period. Visits are only once a week on Tuesdays from 2:00 pm to 5:00 pm or on Saturdays from 1:00 pm to 5:00 pm. In any case, visits are made in agreement with the therapeutic staff.

    How long does the treatment last?

    The minimum period for treatment at the Emil Center is one month (30 days). We are prepared to receive a patient for any period, ranging from one month to six months (maximum period for treatment). Each patient has a personalized treatment plan, tailored by the therapeutic team. Considerations are taken into account in the construction of the individualized treatment program, such as: the patient’s medical condition, progress, the change that has taken place, his willingness to deal with reality and other aspects.

    Can the patient go on a home visit, medical tests, etc. during treatment?

    Once a patient enters a therapeutic process at the Emil Center, he is not allowed to leave the place without the escort of one of the staff members. Departing from the institute is only made in cases of medical tests (if necessary) or legal matters (court hearing, meeting with probation officer). Home visits are made possible after a certain period of time in treatment and in accordance with the decision of the therapeutic team.

    Is the treatment at the clinic anonymous?

    The treatment at the Emil Center Clinic is carried out with complete anonymity and discretion. The patient’s name will not appear in any system, such as the Ministry of Health, Welfare, etc.

    How much does treatment at the rehabilitation institute cost?

    The period of treatment is different for each patient, and accordingly, the price and payment terms. Therefore, in order to find out all the relevant information about the price, you can call us at: +972-9-768-48-48 and make an appointment for an introductory meeting with no obligation.

    What food is served at the Rehabilitation Center?

    The Emil Center Clinic operates on a full board basis. Meals are freshly cooked three times a day, in a fully equipped kitchen designed specifically for this purpose. The raw materials are carefully selected and received three times a week, ensuring maximum freshness. Seasonal fruits are accessible to patients throughout the day, as a snack between meals.

    Who works at the Rehabilitation Center?

    At the Emil Center, a multi-professional team of dedicated professionals, specializing in the treatment of addictions, is employed. Staff include a doctor-narcologist, a clinical social worker, and therapeutic counselors and instructors who devote all their energy to helping addicted people achieve recovery. All professionals are carefully selected and have extensive experience, certification, broad knowledge and of course, a caring and warm personality.

    What does the atmosphere at the Clinic look like?

    The atmosphere at the Emil Center Clinic is more like the atmosphere of a kibbutz, a cooperative community in a positive vibe. Creating this atmosphere contributes, among other things, to the Clinic’s perfect location, between orchards and greenhouses, oak and eucalyptus trees, grass and plenty of vegetation. The Clinic is located a short walk from the sea, where the patients frequently go, whether for a walk or a swim or a yoga class.

    Is there medical treatment on site?

    Of course. At the Emil Center Institute, a specialist doctor-narcologist is employed, who provides for the needs of patients associated with detoxification and other issues associated with addiction.

    Is smoking allowed during treatment at the institute?

    Definitely yes. Smoking is not prohibited during treatment. Of course, smoking will only take place in designated areas, and not during any therapeutic activity.

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