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    Residential Rehabilitation

    The drug rehab or alcohol rehab or prescription drug rehab process at the Emil Center Clinic is provided to patients in a residential setting and on a full board basis. The atmosphere at the institute is rural and pastoral (as opposed to a hospital atmosphere, for example). These conditions are specifically created to facilitate and support the patient in the therapeutic and rehabilitative process, as much as possible.

    What does the Residential Program include?

    When we say “Residential” rehabilitation, we mean that the patient is with us 24 hours a day, 7 days a week. Patients reside at our Clinic for the duration of their treatment program, which may be short-term (30 days) or long-term (up to 6 months). During the rehabilitation process at our clinic, patients are given the opportunity to go on home visits according to the recommendations of the professional staff.

    An addict who is admitted to the institute receives all the support and treatment needed to undergo a highly effective process, including tests by a doctor-narcologist, close supervision of the detoxification and rehabilitation process and withdrawal syndrome, psychological-clinical therapy, treatment groups, individual therapy, psycho-drama, Yoga Therapy and close social worker guidance that takes care of all patients’ needs outside and within the therapeutic setting. Physical rehabilitation includes 3 full and nutritious meals a day, rich in vitamins and minerals essential for body rehabilitation, sleeping in spacious, comfortable rooms equipped with air conditioning, a library, a TV room, a games room, the sea and more.

    Residential conditions

    The residential conditions at our Clinic are quite high, with large rooms that can accommodate 2-3 people. All the buildings and rooms are equipped with modern furniture, a central air conditioning system, and everything needed to give the patient a warm and homely feel. The Clinic provides a healthy diet, consisting of three fresh meals a day, containing high nutritional values, and free access to seasonal fruits throughout the day. Healthy nutrition is an important part of the addict’s rehabilitation process and his body’s recovery from addiction damage. We believe that everyone who comes to us for treatment should receive the best, not only in terms of the content of the treatment, but also in terms of residence.

    The benefits of rehabilitation in full residential conditions

    The most significant benefit of rehabilitation in full residential conditions for addicts is actually that there is a constant watch around the clock and an immediate response to their needs, both medical and mental. It is important to understand that when a patient who is detoxed off drugs, alcohol, prescription drugs or any other addictive substance, he or she suffers from severe physical withdrawal syndrome. Handling and responding to this must be professional, prompt and effective. The patient is actually in a supportive treatment environment with other patients, in a similar situation to his own, who are with him at the clinic, but more significantly, is the professional response available to him at all hours.

    Another important benefit is basically the lack of access to drugs, alcohol or prescription drugs. The residential program at the Emil Center detox and rehab Clinic completely negates any access to any addictive substances. There is also a sporadic drug and alcohol testing on a regular basis. The cessation of drug use must be absolute, without any use or gradual reduction of the substance.

    It is also important to note that when the addict is in a closed therapeutic setting, it is a very significant relief for his family, the need for worry around the clock disappears: Where is he at the moment? Is he in danger? What will happen to him at home? How will the detox go? etc.

    At the rehab Clinic, we also have a solution for the families of addicts. Supporting the addict’s family, and teaching them how to manage better, will make it easier to cope with the disease and ways to treat it.

    In a joint effort, together with you, we will find the way to light !!!

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      FAQ - Emil Center Rehabilitation Clinic

      Does the Emil Center Clinic have a proper license to operate?

      The Emil Center Clinic operates under a combined license from the Ministry of Health and the Ministry of Social Services and Welfare (license number 16/7/11). The combined license allows for physical detoxification treatment along with psychosocial rehabilitation from drug, alcohol or prescription drug addiction.

      Is it permissible to visit patients while they are at the Clinic?

      Relatives are allowed to visit patients staying at the Emil Center Clinic for an extended period. Visits are only once a week on Tuesdays from 2:00 pm to 5:00 pm or on Saturdays from 1:00 pm to 5:00 pm. In any case, visits are made in agreement with the therapeutic staff.

      How long does the treatment last?

      The minimum period for treatment at the Emil Center is one month (30 days). We are prepared to receive a patient for any period, ranging from one month to six months (maximum period for treatment). Each patient has a personalized treatment plan, tailored by the therapeutic team. Considerations are taken into account in the construction of the individualized treatment program, such as: the patient’s medical condition, progress, the change that has taken place, his willingness to deal with reality and other aspects.

      Can the patient go on a home visit, medical tests, etc. during treatment?

      Once a patient enters a therapeutic process at the Emil Center, he is not allowed to leave the place without the escort of one of the staff members. Departing from the institute is only made in cases of medical tests (if necessary) or legal matters (court hearing, meeting with probation officer). Home visits are made possible after a certain period of time in treatment and in accordance with the decision of the therapeutic team.

      Is the treatment at the clinic anonymous?

      The treatment at the Emil Center Clinic is carried out with complete anonymity and discretion. The patient’s name will not appear in any system, such as the Ministry of Health, Welfare, etc.

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