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    Our Credo

    We believe every patient who wants to change can change, with the right support and resources.

    We believe in treating the whole person towards recovery, not just the addiction disease.

    We believe in providing personal, respectful and top quality care.

    We are committed to improving the lives of people living under the devastating impact of drug, alcohol or prescription drugs.

    We are committed to helping patients and their families achieve freedom from addiction.

    We appreciate and respect the contribution of families and friends to the recovery of our patients.

    We maintain patient confidentiality / anonymity with great sensitivity.

    We encourage and help build new thinking patterns that allow positive change to be perceived and make the individual the person they should be.

    We treat each patient with dignity and strive to replace helplessness, fear and despair with optimism, hope and a new outlook on life.

    We offer a gateway to sobriety full of new insights and life skills.

    We dedicate ourselves to care for a lifelong recovery, day by day, just for today.

    Albina Kunz Bar – Therapeutic Director, Clinical Social Worker (MSW, MR 33932), and Certified Family and Couples Therapist.

    As a clinical director at the Emil Center, I am responsible for the therapeutic process that patients undergo at the clinic.

    Beyond this overall responsibility, individual conversations with patients, as part of the rehabilitation process, take place with me.

    The purpose of the focused therapeutic discourse is to trace the reasons that led patients to the use of drugs, alcohol or prescription drugs. I concentrate on emotional and behavioral difficulties, fears and limiting beliefs, and together with the patient create a desirable inner goal. This goal leads him through a process of deep self-awareness, on the way to achieving it.

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