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    Hello dear visitors, our site surfers.

    If at these moments you are reading my words, you probably came across a problem with drug or alcohol abuse, or other addiction problems – yours or someone close to you.

    My name is Emil , and I am the founder and director of the Emil Center Detoxification and Rehabilitation Clinic in Israel.

    For me, setting up a detox and rehab center is not just a job, it’s not a childhood dream, and not even something to make a profit of. Establishment of the Drug and Alcohol Rehabilitation Center is a mission for me, to help people who suffer from addiction, no matter if it is difficult or not, no matter what age and gender of these people, whether religious or secular, new or native immigrants, Jews or not. The addiction disease can affect anyone and is the common denominator of all patients who come to our Clinic.

    My knowledge and experience in rehabilitating addicts was not gained only in classrooms or through books; My knowledge in treating and rehabilitating addicted people is mostly from personal experience. Like our patients, who come to the Clinic to undergo a rehabilitation process, I too, many years ago, went through the same process. After more than twenty-five years of drug use, of every kind and element, I arrived to receive treatment at a rehab center. My experience is the one that gives me today the strength and ability to engage in the rehabilitation of other people. When I took my first steps in rehab many years ago, I promised myself that the day would come and I will set up a drug and alcohol rehab center.

    We, the staff of the Clinic, have put a great deal of thought into what the Detox and Rehabilitation Center should look like, the team that will treat addicts, and the treatment methods that will be part of the overall treatment plan at the Clinic. It took us over two years of preparation, overseas flights, and meetings with leading addiction researchers, senior therapists, consultants and physicians, all to explore the issue in depth and to draw clear conclusions about what to do. The combination of my personal experience and knowledge, and that of my professional and diverse staff members helped establish the Emil Center, where many resources were invested, so that we could give patients the most effective and professional response. Separate facilities were set up for women and men, and all rooms, and the dining room, the courtyard, the group therapy hall, the private treatment rooms, the leisure club and more were equipped with modern furniture and design.

    Our rehab facility was established in the city of Netanya in Israel. We chose this city for a few main reasons:

    • Close proximity to the beach – we are a ten minute walk from the northern beach of Netanya (near the BLUE BAY hotel). Our patients go to the beach, accompanied by staff members, and perform various treatment activities there.
    • Convenience of arrival – both from the north and south. The proximity of the Institute for a major traffic axis (Route 2), for buses and train stations (Beit Yehoshua Railway Station, Netanya Railway Station), allows to reach us easily from all parts of the country.
    • The great support we have received from the local government institutions, and the recognition of the need for our work, are more reasons why we chose to establish the Clinic in the city of Netanya.

    Staff at the Emil Center Detoxification and Rehabilitation Clinic were carefully selected, based on their rich experience in treatment and rehab. The team is multi-professional and includes medical professionals, a clinical social worker, therapists and instructors. The various professionals complement each other exceptionally well. The staff accompanies the patients 24 hours a day, giving them the most available and effective response. And of course, we do not forget the wonderful volunteers who come to the Clinic, to support, help and contribute from their experience in the field of care and other areas.

    The success of the treatment and its effectiveness depend on several key factors, including the quality of the staff, conditions and atmosphere at the rehab facility. To these and many other components, we pay full attention.

    I am proud to say today, that the “Emil Center” Detoxification and Rehabilitation Clinic for Drugs and Alcohol takes a large and active part in rehabilitating addicts, from Israel and around the World, saving human lives and providing a unique and unparalleled feedback of success. Our therapeutic framework allows anyone with any addiction to receive a professional, effective and proper response. Our rehab center is open and available 24 hours a day to meet every applicant.

    Every patient who comes to us is treated warmly, supportively and professionally, and gets the best feeling, while maintaining clear therapeutic and disciplinary rules. Each patient is personally accompanied by a doctor-narcologist and a clinical counselor, giving full confidence during treatment.

    I always recommend to those who contact us at the Center, or those who contact me personally, not to procrastinate; If there is any concern about using drugs or drinking too much alcohol – call for help as soon as possible, seek advice without any fear, shame or guilt. Addiction is a disease, and I ask: If you had cancer, would you not immediately run to treat it and get help? Therefore, come and help yourselves as soon as possible, so long as it is not too late… Be aware that any addicted person can reach a difficult and sometimes irreversible situation. Don’t place yourself in denial; In the worst case scenario, you will be told that you were wrong. Don’t be afraid to face such a tough challenge. Today you are not alone, we are here for you!

    Sincerely Yours,


    Founder and Director of the Emil Center Detoxification and Rehabilitation Clinic in Israel

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